galaxy note 10 5G

Note 10 Plus 5G supports up to 1.7Gbps on Verizon’s network

So what is 5G network we all talk about these days? 5G is the next mobile network generation following 4G LTE. It will deliver much faster internet speeds with lower latency rate. It will spur radical changes in various industries that depend on internet speed for processing and communication. All the major U.S. carriers are using different types of spectrum in their respective 5G rollouts. Verizon and AT&T are using millimeter wave (mmWave), for example, which means they are deploying 5G nodes that deliver super-fast internet speeds. mmWave offers among the fastest speeds you’ll see, but the downside is that range is short, and there’s poor building penetration. Sprint is using the 2.5GHz spectrum, also known as mid-band, and it has slower speeds than mmWave but greater range and penetration. T-Mobile is relying on low-band, which has even slower speeds than mid-band, but the furthest reach.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G costs $1,300 for the regular model, which is a lot of money for most of us. I don’t think it’s worth investing in a 5G phone just yet unless you are in the city supporting 5G network connectivity. My reasoning isn’t just because they’re expensive, but also because the devices are not interoperable. That means if you swapped carriers, your Note 10 Plus 5G that worked on Verizon won’t work on Sprint. You’ll need to buy the same exact phone but through Sprint. They’re not sold unlocked yet.

You can wait until 2020 or 2021. There will be better coverage, a more stable network with consistent speeds, and hopefully cheaper 5G phones. The difference between the internet speed of 4G and 5G is staggering. I am even more excited with the prospect of blazing-fast speeds all the time, no matter where you are. Soon it will be a matter of minutes to download a season of whole show or watching a movie on Netflix, without having to deal with buffering. Playing high-end games will be possible with the help of internet and cloud gaming platforms like stadia.

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