One battery may not be enough to power Samsung Galaxy Foldable

There were some reports about Samsung Galaxy Foldable having a huge battery size up to 6000mAh to support its big screen but now we have entirely different rumors surfacing for Galaxy Foldable and Galaxy A70. So far it has been called as Foldable or F. It seems that device may not have a single battery source and instead may use two batteries to power the smart phone. The biggest advocate for this rumor is the fact that the cell phone can fold in half. The two batteries will provide equal amount of backup to power the device and its screens.

A reputed tech magazine, GalaxyClub reports that the two 2,190mAh batteries for the Galaxy Fold have the numbers EB-BF900ABU and EB-BF901ABU. These would provide a combined capacity of 4,380mAh. Earlier reports claimed that these batteries will be of 3,100mAh each to make the combine capacity of 6,200mAh.

So even though the Galaxy Foldable will have a decent amount of battery capacity, the question is – would it be enough to keep up with two big display screens at a time. Another Samsung’s upcoming smartphone belong to Galaxy A series. There are also some reports suggesting a 4,000mAh battery for Galaxy A50 and A70. The part number of the battery for the Galaxy A70 is

B-BA705ABU. Samsung also planning to change the name series of its upcoming smartphone this year. The models will have Galaxy A10, A30, A50, A70 and A90 as multiple of tens. We don’t have the confirm date for the release of new Galaxy A series. So far, we have officially confirmed date for Galaxy S10 on February 20. The company may drop some more hints regarding next upcoming smartphones. In the recent advertising campaign at Paris, for the unveiling event on February 20, Samsung referred it as “Future”. Let us wait for the event and see what Samsung has to offer for its fans.

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