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galaxy A50

Galaxy M40 vs Galaxy A50: Which one you should buy?

Samsung has been aggressively working on budget-friendly smartphones in India to regain its market. Its most recent launch is the Galaxy M40 that comes with a punch-hole display and it has a price tag of less than Rs 20,000. Another Samsung smartphone available in the same price range is the Galaxy A50. So is the […]

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galaxy A70

Galaxy A70 has high-end features at the mid-range price tag

Samsung Electronics has decided to bring some of its best premium features to mid-range smartphone to attract consumers who are moving towards other brands. In the last year, Samsung had to face a disappointing sales record due to increasing competition due to Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo etc. To compete in the budget friendly […]

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galaxy A50

Galaxy A50 may win the hearts of budget-conscious users

Last year, Samsung had to face immense competition from the Chinese rival companies in the android phone market. This year, Samsung decided to take the faith of leap with its early series of Galaxy M. The Galaxy M20 is a budget-friendly smartphone with some amazing features of premium smartphones. It seems that the company is […]

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Following the trend of wireless headphone, Samsung also introduced its true wireless headphone made specifically for its Galaxy lineup. The Galaxy Buds have the charging case, on-board controls, audio transparency, easy access to virtual assistants and more. The strange thing is, unless you have one of the Samsung’s recent Galaxy smartphone, key features on the […]

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ga;axy M20

Galaxy M10 or M20. Which one you should buy if budget is your main concern?

Samsung’s new Galaxy M10 and M20 are the company’s new budget smart phones. M series is going to replace mid-range Galaxy J series in some countries. M series was the immediate response from the Samsung to the rising competition in affordable smart phones. Samsung tried to re-capture its users who keep price in mind when […]

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galaxy s10

Everything we know about Galaxy S10 so far

Samsung Electronics is known for its innovative and technological advanced smart phones. Company has established itself as one of the leading manufacturer and has a huge fan base for its smartphones. This is the reason, why leaks started to emerge as soon as Samsung start working on any smartphone launch. Now when Samsung is going […]

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one ui

Samsung Experience 9.5 vs. One UI – An initial review

Samsung released One UI beta for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 earlier. Samsung has taken a new direction in their software development. The company has created its custom Android software experience over the years. Samsung’s early software iterations was called TouchWiz. It was slow, bloated and couldn’t earn much reputation among Android enthusiasts. Samsung made […]

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Taking screenshots is really easy with One UI now

Have you ever take the screenshot of your mobile phone screen? We all do. It is really useful feature for intensive mobile phone users especially if they love to browse website and do some kind of research/shopping or anything like that on their mobile phones. So far, we have been taking screen shots of our […]

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galaxy a9

Galaxy A9 (2018) supports swipe based fingerprint registration

Galaxy A9 (2018) is Samsung’s first mid-range smartphone with four cameras. It has ultra wide camera, telephoto camera lens, 24MP primary camera and a depth camera which works with the primary key in harmony to let you have the perfect picture by adjusting the depth of field in your images manually. It also comes with […]

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Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+

Samsung has announced the release date for Galaxy A8, A8+ in China which is 10th of this month. Galaxy A8 and A8+ are the first Samsung’s smart phones to receive the Infinity display. It is beautiful, large edge to edge display for an extended screen. Galaxy A8 has 5.6 inch display whereas A8+ has 6 […]

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Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy A9 – the world’s first quad camera smartphone

Samsung has just released world’s first four camera smartphone. The device isn’t available in USA right now but it is now available for purchase via Samsung UK, European and Asian countries. Samsung has come up with 4 sensors which has never seen before. Each lens has its own particular functionality that when combine with other […]

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Samsung Galaxy J series will now have auto-brightness

Samsung budget series smartphones are good but one of the biggest difference between budget smartphones and flagship smart phones were lack of an ambient light sensor. It’s around 9 years since the first android smartphone was released in the market, but the Korean Tech Giant is still manufacturing smart phones that can’t adjust brightness automatically. […]

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Samsung’s best 5 mid-range smartphones in 2018-2019

Samsung is known for its expensive and luxury smartphones with huge display size and innovative features but Samsung also produce inexpensive mobile phones for people with low income or who just prefer not to spend too much on phones. Although Samsung technology is one of the best technologies behind smartphones but we can still list […]

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First look of Samsung Galaxy Home

In August 2018, Samsung surprised everyone with its new invention Samsung Galaxy Home. No one was really expecting a smart speaker from Samsung because the event was meant to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Although it did catch some attention due to its interesting look, we are still not sure about its full capabilities. […]

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