Galaxy S10

Rumors pictures of Samsung Galaxy S10 are astonishing.

It’s been almost a year since Samsung has released any revolutionary smartphone in the industry. Samsung’s upcoming new smart phone Galaxy S10 is rumored to have some dream features ready to launch in Europe in next six months or so.

Samsung current Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagship smartphones weren’t hit as predecessor in the flagship-range Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7. Samsung failed to meet the high expectations of consumers regarding the flagship smart phones and may be this has attributed in sales of drop as well. We have seen the drop in price cut at three major carriers just one away after they were released, which is certainly not a good sign for the company’s sale goals.

Why people are not interested to buy these smart phones? Simple. They are boring. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ look similar to its predecessor S8 and there is no new feature that could attract people to buy it despite of its higher price than S8. As being a giant tech company Samsung, we are expecting more from it, which makes it more important for the company to showcase some exciting new features in upcoming smart phone Galaxy S10.

Graphic designer Muhsin Bilal is known for mocking up gorgeous renderers of un-released smart phones. His latest designs focuses on the upcoming Galaxy S10 and what he present at his behance page is a complete feast to eyes. Although there is small mistake designer has made here. He marked Galaxy number 10 as X which is roman numeral for 10 on last year’s new iPhone. As we know that Samsung has entirely different phone than iPhone X. It’s a new foldable phone that is rumored to launch somewhere in the middle of next year.

The new Samsung flagship smart phone for 2019 will be called the Galaxy S10, we all know. The real Samsung Galaxy S10 may not have a display that stretches to every side with absolutely no bezel but its expected to be somewhere closer to the mockup Mushin Bilal has created. Samsung Galaxy S10 has embedded finger print sensor under the screen as well as come with triple-lens camera system just like Huawei’s P20 Pro.

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