Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung aims to sell 5 Million units of Galaxy Fold in 2020

Korean IT magazine ET News reported that Samsung is looking forward to increasing its production capacity of Galaxy Fold next year. The company is targeting to expand at least 10 percent of the increase, but many would agree that there aren’t enough buyers interested to spend almost $2000 over such a fragile piece of technology. Based on the sells records and statistics, Samsung has sold 500,000 units of Galaxy folds. Next year, the company plans to produce 5 to 6 Million devices which may not make sense to many people.

Currently, Samsung is selling the Galaxy fold in the batches of 10,000. To reach the next target, Samsung will need to invest heavily in its Vietnam-based facility. The biggest challenge would be to manufacture the display in such a large quantity. Market research is predicting that Samsung will continue to hold the majority of the share market for the Foldable. However, DSCC estimates that there is enough demand in the foldable market.

So, even if Samsung dominates the foldable market, the company may still not be able to the sale that many units, mainly because of its price and the not-so-satisfactory first review experience. Samsung is reported to work on its next-generation of the foldable device or perhaps more than one device. There might be an affordable fold less than $1500 or so. The claim shell foldable is also rumored to be launched in the next quarter of 2020, but ET is reporting that there might be some delay as well. The biggest problem Samsung is facing right now is the endorsement level of the people who are still confused about the durability of the device. Maybe some success of the first foldable may be able to change the people’s perspective about it.

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