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Samsung canceled the pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold – Again

The Galaxy Fold has been in news for such a long time now for good and bad reasons. The foldable technology seems to be awesome and exciting but also seems impossible to achieve and Samsung has almost proved itself. The Galaxy fold was due for the release in February this year but due to the disaster PR experience and complete failure of the technology, Samsung decided to delay its launched and had to cancel its Pre-orders.

We were expected Samsung Galaxy Fold to be released in September this year and there were even pre-orders open recently, but Samsung in its wisdom decided that everyone in the US should pre-order their foldable devices again from the scratch. According to their email sent to the customers.

“We are taking the time to rethink the entire customer experience – from purchase to unboxing, to post-purchase service,” reads an email sent to customers. It seems the first casualties of this rethink are loyal customers who, despite everything, have kept faith in the Fold. So in the meantime, we have, regrettably, decided to cancel your existing pre-order,” the email continues.

No matter what, you have to admire the positivity of the people who subscribed for the pre-orders despite what happened to the earlier phones. The sets given to the journalists and media officials started to break in their hands only in two days. Customers who asked for pre-ordered used a credit or debit card and were never charged anything. To make up for the faff of having to rejoin the queue, Samsung is apparently giving customers $250 of Samsung credit, redeemable on anything for sale at, where conveniently the Galaxy Fold will be for sale. So it’s not all bad.

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