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Samsung Galaxy A20 is now official in India

Last year, Samsung had to face a huge competition in the budget-friendly smartphone market due to its Chinese rivals. The Korean company decided to come back with another strategy by launching multiple smartphones in its mid-range A series. These are budget friendly handsets with many premium features that let to strengthen its portfolio against the […]

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Samsung Galaxy A90 may have 48MP rotating pop-up camera

Samsung has decided to rule budget mobile industry as well. The company is working on launching a couple of devices under its mid-range A series. Recently, Samsung has announced another budget smartphone with premium features Galaxy A70 last week and there is another event due for next week. Samsung has already sent out invites for […]

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galaxy A70

Galaxy A70 has high-end features at the mid-range price tag

Samsung Electronics has decided to bring some of its best premium features to mid-range smartphone to attract consumers who are moving towards other brands. In the last year, Samsung had to face a disappointing sales record due to increasing competition due to Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo etc. To compete in the budget friendly […]

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galaxy A50

Galaxy A50 may win the hearts of budget-conscious users

Last year, Samsung had to face immense competition from the Chinese rival companies in the android phone market. This year, Samsung decided to take the faith of leap with its early series of Galaxy M. The Galaxy M20 is a budget-friendly smartphone with some amazing features of premium smartphones. It seems that the company is […]

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galaxy A60

Samsung Galaxy A60 might have a triple camera and Infinity-U display

Image We all know about the Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50, but apparently, Samsung has more to offer in the family on the way, double-digit names and all. The coming smartphones in the Galaxy A series are Galaxy A40, Galaxy A60, and Galaxy A70. The latest leak is about the Galaxy a60 and if […]

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The Galaxy A50 is Samsung’s new weapon against Chinese rivals in India

Samsung is known for its beautifully designed, innovation and technology advancements but for a year, the Korean Giant had to experience some sales drop due to the Chinese companies. These are new Chinese companies but they managed to win hearts of many users by providing budget friendly smartphones with premium features. So far, Samsung was […]

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Samsung Galaxy A10, A30 and A50 specification leaks ahead of March

After releasing two budget smartphones of M series, Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20, Samsung will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S10 on February 20 at the unpacked event. Other than this, Samsung is also planning to release A series – a mid-range smartphone series by Korean tech giant which will include the Samsung Galaxy A10, […]

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ga;axy M20

Galaxy M10 or M20. Which one you should buy if budget is your main concern?

Samsung’s new Galaxy M10 and M20 are the company’s new budget smart phones. M series is going to replace mid-range Galaxy J series in some countries. M series was the immediate response from the Samsung to the rising competition in affordable smart phones. Samsung tried to re-capture its users who keep price in mind when […]

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curved edge

Samsung mid-range smartphones may have curved LCD displays

Samsung filed for a patent last year for curved edge display which was granted last week. Samsung brought curved edge LCD as a premium feature for Samsung’s flagship smartphone back in 2014 which later became very much a standard design trend for its flagship series. The patent describes an LCD technology which is going to […]

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Samsung may release Galaxy M series with Infinity V display

Competition in the mobile industry was never this intense before. Samsung, iPhone has ruled over the smartphone industry for years but now Android smartphone market is witnessing the new rival companies coming up with premium smart phones within the consumer’s budget. Samsung also decided to come with an entire new Galaxy series to deal with […]

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Galaxy note 9

Year 2018 for Samsung smartphones – Significant moments of the year

As this year is about to end, we look at some of the best and worst moments of the year for Samsung. The year has been quite weird for the company. While the company managed to release some highly innovative and advanced smart phones like Galaxy Note 9 with features like remote control pen. Companies […]

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Galaxy M20 may have biggest battery than any mid-range phone

Samsung Electronics is facing an immense competition in budget mobile phone category due to the Chinese rivals. Comparatively new Chinese company Huwei has emerged as one of the biggest rival for Samsung. The Korean tech company decided to launch a new Galaxy M series back in September. This could possibly result in the death of […]

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mid-range smartphone

Samsung facing fierce competition in affordable market

Samsung Electronics have been the leading Android smart phones for the day one. But 2018 has been completely different year for the company. Despite of some amazing smartphones like Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9, it is no secret that company is facing some competition in Android smartphone market. Its Chinese rivals are producing mobile […]

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galaxy a9

Galaxy A9 (2018) supports swipe based fingerprint registration

Galaxy A9 (2018) is Samsung’s first mid-range smartphone with four cameras. It has ultra wide camera, telephoto camera lens, 24MP primary camera and a depth camera which works with the primary key in harmony to let you have the perfect picture by adjusting the depth of field in your images manually. It also comes with […]

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galaxy A8s

What is so cool about Galaxy A8s infinity-O display

Samsung Galaxy A8s has been unveiled by the company It is one of its kind. It is the first smart phone to get an Infinity-O display. Samsung talked about its infinity design in developer conference recently but everyone was confuse how it would look like in real. Now when it’s here, everyone seem to like […]

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galaxy A8s

Frist look at official new images of Galaxy A8s

The very first images for Samsung Galaxy A8s are official now. The link  doesn’t have high quality images yet these are good enough to predict what design is all about. In this case, you can see the camera hole in the left top corner on the smartphone’s infinity O display. These images are very much […]

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galaxy a50

Galaxy A50 with Android Pie and Exyonos 9610 chip appears on benchmark

Recently, an unannounced phone from Samsung appeared in GeekBench, a benchmark data base for the performance test. It is assumed that Samsung Model Number SM-A505FN is actually the next expected smartphone from Samsung – Galaxy A50. It predecessor was Galaxy A5(2017) model. The cell phone is powered by Exynos 9610 processor and has 4GB of […]

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Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+

Samsung has announced the release date for Galaxy A8, A8+ in China which is 10th of this month. Galaxy A8 and A8+ are the first Samsung’s smart phones to receive the Infinity display. It is beautiful, large edge to edge display for an extended screen. Galaxy A8 has 5.6 inch display whereas A8+ has 6 […]

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Galaxy A8

Samsung used a stock photo to pose as a Galaxy A8 sample shot

Samsung has announced the release date for Galaxy A8 on December 10 which would be this year’s last smart phone by Samsung. No doubt, it has great design and far superior hardware and software features. This smart phone will be the first Samsung’s first mobile to get Infinity-O display. Samsung has confirmed the launch and […]

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Galaxy S8

December Deals: Get an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 for $290

Samsung Galaxy S9 is already here but it’s expensive and definitely not for anyone. It has gigantic screen, all day long battery, superfast processors that power S9and huge storage. It is no doubt one of the best smartphones right now, but despite all of this, Galaxy S8 hasn’t lost its charm. One of the biggest […]

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notch display

Samsung is going to have notch on Galaxy smartphones

2018 has been really busy year for Samsung and now when the year is about to end, the rumors about its next year smart phones have started to pour in. Samsung’s next year mobiles seem to be very exciting and featured-rich. The company is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary of S-series next year as […]

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September 25, 2018- Samsung Firmware Daily Updates

The updates for today are here, along with the tutorial whcih will teach you how to use Odin3 and flash any ROM manually on a Samsung device. Just make sure that the firmware package you are downloading is the right one for your smartphone. Device Name Model Region Version OS Version Build Date Download SM-G532G SM-G532G INS […]

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4 Secret Features and Tricks Hiding in Your Samsung Galaxy S8

  Whether you’re a long-time fan of Samsung phones or are contemplating the switch from another brand and OS, we’re sure that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will impress you. It’s selling like crazy, and for good reason – it’s got a sleek and polished design, excellent battery life, and intuitive controls that make it a […]

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