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Galaxy Fold display is certified as less harmful to eyes

It’s been two days now since Samsung gave up early Galaxy Fold units to media for reviews and since then Galaxy Fold is in the news. The device doesn’t seem as unbreakable as we think. It couldn’t survive and start to break in just two days. The twitter has become a complaint cell where everyone […]

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Samsung Galaxy Fold is already breaking in just two days

Samsung Galaxy Fold already breaking for some users after a day or two. A review handset given to CNBC is also reported to be completely unusable just after two days. This comes out to be a surprise. What went wrong with these pre-orders? If this is a widespread issue where the buyers would turn to […]

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Samsung Galaxy Fold looks stunning

After years of hype and teasing of a foldable device, Samsung has done it. Samsung is ready to let us have some hands-on experience with the Galaxy Fold. If you are interested in spending two grand that Samsung is asking for the Galaxy Fold, you can have it after April 24. You probably wondering what […]

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Samsung released video of Galaxy Fold

The idea of foldable smartphone isn’t widely accepted yet and still slightly controversial but Samsung and Huawei have shown off their upcoming foldable smartphones. These are definitely the devices not everyone can afford or would like to afford. Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost almost $2,000 and the Huawei Mate X is well over $2,000. If […]

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Samsung Foldable phone is now officially the Galaxy Fold

Samsung foldable is not a surprise anymore. It is one of the most hyped smartphone ever. The technology Samsung used to claim seem unrealistic at one time but now, it’s not just a concept. Samsung foldable is going to be in our hands in couple of months, the only problem is the price tag. The […]

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Samsung Galaxy Foldable is going to be a reality in couple of months

Samsung has been working on the foldable smartphone for a few years now. So far, we had rumors about the design and its specification but we weren’t sure about its existence. But this isn’t the case anymore. Samsung Galaxy Foldable is about to realize in near future and it won’t be just a concept or […]

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One battery may not be enough to power Samsung Galaxy Foldable

There were some reports about Samsung Galaxy Foldable having a huge battery size up to 6000mAh to support its big screen but now we have entirely different rumors surfacing for Galaxy Foldable and Galaxy A70. So far it has been called as Foldable or F. It seems that device may not have a single battery […]

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Samsung Galaxy F’s full specs and price – Report

Korean analysts CCS-CIMB research issued a 74-page report on the Samsung’s Galaxy Foldable smart phone. According to report, The Samsung Galaxy F will cost $1,800 without carrier subsidies. The device will be powered by next generation Exynos processor. The report states complete specs and long list of features of Samsung Galaxy Fold. The research firm […]

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Samsung is targeting a particular age group for Galaxy F

Samsung came up with the marketing strategy for its much hype Samsung Galaxy Foldable. It is assumed that this would be the most expensive smart phone ever and would not be affordable for everyone. The speculated price range is around $1600 to $1850 which is way more for middle class people. Samsung Galaxy F is […]

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Samsung reveals its foldable smartphone screen resolution

Samsung finally revealed its foldable smartphone’s display to everyone attending its developer conference in San Francisco. Mobile apps developers usually need an access to information such as screen resolution at the early stages of designing for mobile devices and that’s what exactly Samsung has provided at a hands-on session at SDC. This was a successful […]

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