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Samsung Experience 9.5 vs. One UI – An initial review

Samsung released One UI beta for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 earlier. Samsung has taken a new direction in their software development. The company has created its custom Android software experience over the years. Samsung’s early software iterations was called TouchWiz. It was slow, bloated and couldn’t earn much reputation among Android enthusiasts. Samsung made considerable improvements over these years and has come with new style, fast and user friendly software with enough features to please its fans.

One UI is Samsung’s latest user interface software for its Android smart phones. It is layered on top of Android Pie. The new redesign has optimized for taller phone screens and darker interface colors with a new night mode. An official beta release is available for the Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 9.

Samsung’s new user interface is being defined by 3 areas. The top area of the UI is the information area, while the middle area is the interactive area of the device. The entire intractable UI shifted towards the bottom. The top area was given lots of empty space intentionally. One UI makes the experience of tall devices like Galaxy Note 9 much easier. The large screens are now in trend. Lots of people go for 5.5 or higher inches in device display measurements. If you own a large display device, you can relate the times when users have to switch hands to make interaction little convenient. Now it would be easier to use with one hand which means less fatigue and increased responsiveness.

If you compare Samsung Experience running on Galaxy Note 9 and One UI, you will see that most apps have been shifted down. The launcher is basically the same, but when you go to Bixby home, it has the big empty area at the top. The only apps that hasn’t change much are the launcher, lock screen, calendar and my files. The lock screen is interesting because Samsung defaults the clock at the top of the display.

The Bixby home is almost all black. This is the first and most noticeable change with user interface. The first thing that is shifted down is the greeting text. It says the welcome message in the center of the screen whereas earlier it was at the top left corner. Calendar is almost the same except for the curved corners. Current month is moved to the middle of the screen and settings of the calendar are also moved to the side panel. Samsung moved the modes to the bottom. Zoom icon is now in bottom center which makes it easier to use.

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