Samsung Foldable phone is now officially the Galaxy Fold

Samsung foldable is not a surprise anymore. It is one of the most hyped smartphone ever. The technology Samsung used to claim seem unrealistic at one time but now, it’s not just a concept. Samsung foldable is going to be in our hands in couple of months, the only problem is the price tag. The device is now officially has a name. On a lavish unveiled event conducted for Galaxy S10, Samsung announced it’s much hyped and talked phone ever – Galaxy Fold. We are looking at a 4.6 inch secondary AMOLED display on the cover, and when open, it become a much larger 7.3 inch infinity flex AMOLED screen.

Now we have the price and date for Galaxy Fold. It is definitely not a phone for everyone as it comes with a whopping $1,980 price tag. The Korean giant is planning to launch it on April 26th and May 3rd for Europe. There will be four colors to choose from – Cosmo Black, Space silver, Martian Green and Astro Blue. In terms of resolution, the smaller 21:9 screen comes in at 840 x 1,960, and the main foldable screen is 1,536 x 2,152, with both featuring the same 420 dpi density which is quite high for a tablet. Samsung say, phone can handle 200,000 folds which is equal to 100 folds per day for five years. That’s a quite comforting to see the price, if the claim is true off-course.

Compare to the prototype, the Galaxy Fold being presented is much slicker. When folded, the device comes in at 17mm thick, but when fully open, that goes down to 6.9mm even slimmer than the 7.8mm thick S10 and S10+ announced today. Galaxy Fold has bigger battery to manage 2 screens, wireless charging and dual speakers. This devices comes with total of six cameras to ensure all three sides.

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