Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Following the trend of wireless headphone, Samsung also introduced its true wireless headphone made specifically for its Galaxy lineup. The Galaxy Buds have the charging case, on-board controls, audio transparency, easy access to virtual assistants and more. The strange thing is, unless you have one of the Samsung’s recent Galaxy smartphone, key features on the Galaxy Buds won’t be available to you. It may seem their marketing strategy so other manufacturers couldn’t use their Galaxy buds.

The good things about Galaxy buds are its reliable connectivity, solid battery life and power share charging with the S10 line. Despite of being backed by the Korean technology Giant, Samsung, the Galaxy Buds fail to deliver high audio quality. Its touch control are frustrating. The microphone quality for the calls is disappointing. Unlike Samsung’s early true wireless ear buds, the Galaxy Buds are tailor-made for its recent smartphones. To use its key features like volume control, you have to ignore other handy tools and even then, the touch controls are not user friendly. These are primarily created for Galaxy phone owners but if you want to use these with another device, there are better and reliable options.

Smaller ear buds also means a smaller case. The one comes with the Galaxy Buds take up less space than much of this competition. This may seem like a small thing to give a thumbs up to the Galaxy Buds but the difference is noticeable when you carry these in your jeans. Although there is a problem. The case can keep only full charge where as others offer two full charges with the charging accessory. There are charging indicators both inside the case and out that tell you the battery capacity of the buds and the case itself. A green light means that buds are fully charged or battery level is 60 percent or higher. Yellow light means charging is between 30 and 60 percent and red light means you need to recharge buds as the level is below 30 percent.

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