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Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally about to be released in September

We all know what happened to the first-ever foldable smartphone by Samsung. Even after working for only two days, people are looking forward to its release, hoping that Samsung has fixed the issue by now. The first release was due on April 26, but design flaws and quality control issues made it a PR nightmare for the Fold. The launch of a foldable smartphone was delayed but wasn’t canceled. The company called it ‘too early’ and realized their mistake while they were just trying to be the first one to release foldable.

Since then, Samsung is working is on the issues and trying to fix the various design issues that were spotted. Samsung didn’t officially announce the date yet, but a Galaxy fold launch announcement was on the way. At the time, Samsung explained everything it did to fix the phone, and now it looks like the Galaxy fold is finally about to be released. The Galaxy Fold isn’t meant to be for everyone due to its sky-high price. Early reports suggested that the company is going to manufacturer limited units to sell out but the number hasn’t confirmed yet.

Due to launch cancel, pre-orders for the foldable are also canceled. Consumers seem to be over-excited just to see how the foldable phones were working but this isn’t necessarily true now. People might not like to risk such a big amount after they already know what happened to the previous devices. And there is also a rival foldable by Huawei expected to be launched in the same timeline. But this has already postponed to November as well. Samsung talked about the galaxy Fold in the Note 10 event a few weeks ago which confirms that they are ready to launch the Galaxy Fold. If they successfully launch Fold by the rumored September deadline, Samsung will be the first one to release a foldable.  

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