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Samsung Galaxy F’s full specs and price – Report

Korean analysts CCS-CIMB research issued a 74-page report on the Samsung’s Galaxy Foldable smart phone. According to report, The Samsung Galaxy F will cost $1,800 without carrier subsidies. The device will be powered by next generation Exynos processor.

The report states complete specs and long list of features of Samsung Galaxy Fold. The research firm claims that devices will have a battery divided in two packs – one per blade. Total capacity of battery would be of 5,000 mAh to 6000 mAh. The reason is the high battery requirement for7.3 inch 2152 x 1536 inch foldable screen. The screen is going to consume a lot of power even while they are OLED displays.

The component suppliers also confirmed the information listed in the reports- It says that it will have two cameras on the rear side with 12 MP sensors and a 8 MP on the cover. The company is going to launch two variant for Galaxy F. One will have Exynos 9820 CPU in south Korea and the Snapdragon 8150 in the US.

The reliable dutch site LetsgoDigital has rendered some beautiful images for the future Galaxy F. Samsung is planning to set up 1 million of these phones across 120 countries around March 2019. These renders however hard edges instead of the curved edges. Samsung claimed that you will be able to run 3 apps at a same time via its new OneUI interface. When closed, the display will be of 4.58 resolution of 1960×480 pixels.

Samsung unveild the infinity flex display at its developer conference 8 Nov, 2018. The company would be starting mass production in couple of weeks. We can expect foldable smart phone in the first quarter of 2019. This would be a pricey model off-course and wont’ be for everyone. Samsung isn’t putting too many units in the production because of uncertainty. It is surely a unique smart phone and still no one is sure how users are going to respond to this uniqueness.

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