First look of Samsung Galaxy Home

In August 2018, Samsung surprised everyone with its new invention Samsung Galaxy Home. No one was really expecting a smart speaker from Samsung because the event was meant to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Although it did catch some attention due to its interesting look, we are still not sure about its full capabilities. Samsung said it will reveal more about the Samsung Galaxy Home in November at Samsung Developer Conference, but so far, we haven’t get anything new about its feature or working.

Samsung also introduced the new Bixby Developer kit at the conference, which allows programmers to create new actions based on its API for Bixby. For example, it will let you control things from your home to your car. Samsung has demonstrated few use cases in which the Galaxy Home could be really useful with further enhanced developer-enabled actions. The problem is – it hasn’t launched yet. Niether we know when we can get a Galaxy Home nor we know how much it would cost.

The Galaxy Home look strange – like a stool or stove. It uses Harman speakers to drive sound in the surroundings. It also has far field microphones which enable you to interact with Galaxy Home from long distances. These microphones can actually pinpoint your location in the house to send sound directly to you.

It may sound exciting but yet, we can’t buy it so it is of no use. I don’t know why Google come up with this idea as Market is already saturated with devices like Alexa and Google Assistant powered devices. People are kind of used to and happy with the existing devices. It would be hard for Samsung to penetrate in the market as I doubt anyone would like to replace Google Assistant with Bixby.

Let me know what you think about it in comment section? Which one you would prefer Google Assistant or Samsung Galaxy Home at your home?

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