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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may feature a fine-tuned 120Hz refresh rate

Samsung will be revealing the Galaxy S20 series in almost a week and it will take around a month for the device to hit the stores, but we already have a streams of leaks coming in. The industry insiders look quite exciting about the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 already. The first bit of reliable leak is coming from the reputable leaker Ice Universe. As per leaks the Note 20 will have a better high-refresh-rate implementation on its display. The statement doesn’t say much about the display specs. Keeping all information upfront, you will know that the S20 lineup will support a 120Hz refresh rate. However, it will be limited to resolutions up to FullHD.

For a long time, the phone was referred to as the Samsung Galaxy S11 as the upcoming smartphone. However, a few weeks ago, rumors emerged that the phone would be released under another name: the Samsung Galaxy S20. All the insiders agree this is the same device under a different name, rather than two different phones. There isn’t anything official regarding the name of the phone from the company yet but till we don’t get any confirmation, we can refer it as S20. It seems smartphone by Samsung related to the year 2020.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 reveal date is 11 February 2020, likely during Samsung Galaxy Unpacked in San Francisco, a keynote event scheduled to demonstrate Samsung’s “new and innovative” Galaxy devices. The Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10e first saw the light of day on 20 February 2019, so if the Galaxy S20 does arrive in February, that would make a lot of sense (and give the Galaxy S10 phones 12 months on sale). However, ahead of the S20 release a ‘lite’ version of the S10 will arrive first, so the Galaxy S20 won’t be Samsung’s next handset, although it will be its best. Another leak suggests that the Galaxy s20 will be priced at $899, S20+ at $1099, and S20 ultra at $1299. All handsets are rumored to support the 5G network.

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