Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner failed against Silicone case

People often show their concern over how secure their phones are. For secure and reliable smartphone, people are willing to pay even more. Samsung’s smartphones are a great piece of software and hardware. Samsung fans expect nothing from Samsung but the best security mechanism for their phones but recently, a couple figured out a bug in the Galaxy S10 that allows bypassing the fingerprint reader to unlock the phone regardless of the biometric data being registered in the device.

Hackers usually have to create a high-resolution image of the fingerprint and transfer these onto a thin film to get through the security. Lisa and web experience, though, was different and didn’t involve any technology trick, rather than just a cheap silicone case. This case was supposed to act as a protective case but the couple soon discovered that no matter which fingerprint was registered in the biometric settings of the device, the phone unlocked no matter what finger was used to do so.

This was happening with her husband’s fingerprint information as well. The culprit seems to be the silicon case, which somehow confuses Galaxy s10’s fingerprint reader and allows any fingerprinter to unlock the device. Lisa also tested the results on her sister’s phone and came to the same conclusion. Both Galaxy S10 and S10+ creates a 3D map of the fingerprint using ultrasounds, with the reader being embedded under the display. These devices were the first smartphones to use ultrasound technology for fingerprint scanning.

Samsung announced for an internal investigation into this matter and called it a ‘security breach’. They recommended customers to use Samsung authorized accessories designed for Samsung products. It is worth noting here that if someone stole your phone, he or she may not follow this advice, and can easily slip one and get access to the phone.

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