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Galaxy S10 is going to have bigger display than Note 9 Phablet

Coming straight from the South Korean media, Samsung Galaxy S10 will support a larger display than the Galaxy Note 9 Phablet. According to tech news outlet ‘The Bell’’s latest investor report coming on Friday, the Samsung has recently modified the hardware specifications of the next generation Galaxy S installment which is supposed to be launched early next year. Reports suggest that Samsung is increasing the size of the Galaxy S10+ from the usual 6.3 inches to 6.44 inches. This increase is assumed to be as a result of competition with iPhone which is bringing a bigger screen than the previous models.

For years, the major difference between the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series was the difference between their display sizes. But it’s clear now that It won’t be the case anymore after the launch of Galaxy S10 unless Samsung decide to introduce a bigger Glaxy Note 10. Samsung’s move for larger screen to compete with iPhone is viewed as counter-measure effort to regain the users who like to have bigger screen size mobile phones in their hands.

One source clarified that the change in specification for flagship series isn’t final yet. “The modified specs are not final and Samsung is still considering different options. [However], everything will be all set and ready by August.” The Galaxy S10 series will make a big difference in Samsung market if sources has leaked the confirmed specifications. Aside from the Galaxy S10 and the bigger S10+ there will be a mid-range model with 5-inch screen to attract users with less budget.

The entry-level model is believed to have single lens camera system where as flagship models will feature dual-lens rear camera. As for the Galaxy S10+, its is coming with triple-lens camera system module. Meanwhile, Samsung has already announced the event for its Galaxy Note 9 phablet. The device will be revealed on Aug 9 at New York city’s Barclays Center. That would make its launch two weeks earlier than the last year’s Galaxy Note 8.

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