Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone 11 Pro: Which phone you should buy?

If you ignore the Android vs. iOS for some let, and just focus on the hardware difference, you might see the android smartphones winning at some points. Samsung goes with a bigger display starting from 5.8 to 6.4 inches and slim bezels to keep the phone manageable in one hand. Even with the large bezels, the iPhone 11 Pro is still smaller in size, making it much easier to hold in one hand though if you want a bigger one, you also have the option of getting the smaller Galaxy S10 but it all goes in the personal preferences.

Thankfully both phones have amazing OLED displays, with excellent colors, viewing angles and brightness. Samsung and Apple are neck-and-neck in smartphone display quality, with everyone else trailing well behind. So far, there isn’t any problem or fault in the hardware in any of these phones. Samsung relies more on a design with glass and curves, whereas the iPhone 11 Pro is more substantial with a larger metal frame. Both have their good and bad angles, but both feel great and are worthy of the money. Apple has a triple camera system now with a standard, telephoto, and ultra-wide lens to give you more variety in your shooting.

As with the iPhone 11 Pro has a smaller battery and less RAM than the S10+ but that doesn’t affect the performance or speed of the iPhone. Both phones are strong for whatever purposes they are designed for. Both have stereo speakers, fast wired charging and wireless charging, and water resistance. Certain items do make a difference though. The Galaxy S10+ uses an in-display fingerprint sensor for security, whereas the iPhone 11 Pro uses FaceID. iPhone system works really well whereas Samsung’s fingerprint scanner is a little bit slow. The S10+ has double the default storage, expandable storage, and a headphone jack. It also plugs in and charges over the industry-standard USB-C connector.

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