Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11 is rumored to have a 108MP camera with 5x optical zoom

Samsung released Galaxy S10 recently and we are almost a year away from the Galaxy S11 but this isn’t stopping from leakers to create curiosity and predict features. Some of the rumors we are listening about Galaxy S11 are good if they come to realize. Back in May 2019, Samsung announced that it is officially starting to work on its new 5x optical zoom. According to The Elec, the South Korean tech news magazine, the Galaxy S11 will debut with the 5x zoom alongside the 108MP primary camera.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has uploaded a new video on YouTube that shows the new sensor in action. The module comes with a thin 5mm profile. It will allow the camera not to protrude too much from the rear side of the device. For existing camera modules, the higher the optical zoom’s magnification is, the higher the height of the module. Due to the thickness of the smartphone, anything higher than 5x optical zoom was not possible with the previous method. This is because the camera system will excessively protrude on the back of the smartphone, which makes it look ugly. However, laying the camera module flat like a periscope can solve the problem.

Galaxy S11 uses the technology called folded zoom which enables high magnification of more than 5x without changing the height of the camera module by bending the direction of light with the prism. Folded zoom also adjusts the direction of light by moving the prism to enable OIS, allowing you to take clear pictures without hand tremors. With folded zoom and OIS, you can take photos in a long-distance more clearly and closely than existing 2x optical zoom. The Isocell Bright HMX sensor is based on similar tech to the 64MP Isocell Bright GW1 and began production in September 2019.

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