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Samsung Galaxy S20 could feature Google Due in its native messaging app

The Korean technology magazine “The Korea Herald” reported that Samsung could integrate Google Due in its native messaging application. Samsung is apparently in working relationship with Google and local telecom operator SK telecom toe enables the new video chat service. The reportedly chat service will work over RCS messaging that is already available and functional in Samsung phones. “This would advance cross-device messaging services for videos of less than 5 megabytes, free of data charges, competing against popular over-the-top messaging services like WhatsApp,” states the report.

Google Duo has a considerable share in the world of chatting apps and this might add some interesting usability in Samsung’s default messaging app. The aim is to eliminate the need for downloading additional video messaging apps and save data usage costs. The only concern here is the data charges. We have to see how Samsung managed to integrate Duo and how it helps the users. Currently, you can save only files limited to 5MB in size through RCS messaging without any data consumption. However, if Samsung enables users to have video calls through the Duo Integration the data consumption will be higher than 5B, therefore there might some extra internet usage charges.

The other option is to use as a service to the only record and share short video messages from within the Samsung messaging app. Last year, Samsung worked with Instagram to add an Instagram-related feature for the Galaxy S10 users that let users record and upload Instagram stories directly through the device camera app. As the Galaxy S20 is due on February, we have to wait till then to see how the new feature works and If this is available on the whole series or only upper-end phones of S20 have this feature.

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