Galaxy S10

Samsung has confirmed ‘unpacked’ launch event for Galaxy S10

The news that Samsung is launching its latest smartphone in a glorious unpacked event on August 9th has energized the community. It is assumed that launch will reveal its new addition to Samsung phablet family, known as the Galaxy Note 9. Early launch of this event has raised expectations of many in the industry. More momentum and earlier launch of the Galaxy S10 is expected. Samsung seems eager for having the first movement advantage over the Andriod devices launch set at Berlin’s IFA (which starts this year on Aug 31st). This would give some short-term advantage to Samsung as Apple is revealing upcoming IPhone X plus in early September.

The long term advantage is perhaps the most attractive one. The extra sales much earlier in the financial year, before competitors will allow Samsung for the earlier launch of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 with its key hardware feature updates. According to sources, the new smartphone will be launched at CES 2019 in Las Vegas during January, and will be available within weeks after that. This could mean the S10 arrives eight weeks prior to its schedule compared to the previous years.

But why Samsung would accelerate the schedule? I guess, it would create a gap in the market for the high-tech smart phones provisionally titled the Galaxy X. By getting the consumer focus at CES for the earlier Galaxy S10 launch, more industry focused events in late February can be used to give an extra burst of momentum to the S10 sale by showcasing the hinged display and transformative Galaxy X.

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