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Samsung is going to have notch on Galaxy smartphones

2018 has been really busy year for Samsung and now when the year is about to end, the rumors about its next year smart phones have started to pour in. Samsung’s next year mobiles seem to be very exciting and featured-rich. The company is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary of S-series next year as well which makes 2019 little more special for Samsung and its fans.

As far rumors are concerned, the Galaxy S10 is seem to be an amazing phone with all the features to create stir in the technology industry. From fresh new design to new camera specs, in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner to 5G option it has everything to make you think about it – at least for once. Galaxy S10 is going to have the biggest competition from the company’s very own foldable smart phone. This is relatively new concept although Samsung isn’t first company to bring the foldable phones now but still we are not sure how Samsung users are going to react for it.

Recently Samsung announced the notch display for next Galaxy smartphone. Marketing director Hassan Anjum unveiled multiple display notch display tyopes at Samsung’s recent developer conference this week. These display types were named as Infinity U, Infinity V and Infinity O along with the new Infinity display without a notch. The spokesperson didn’t discuss much about it, and just gave a hint that these displays are just around the corner.

The Galaxy M2 is going to be reported as the first device to adopt a notch display.  The Infinity-U and Infinity-V have a traditional design being notch positioned in the middle while the Infinity O has a circular notch just around the corner of the display. It would be interesting to see how Samsung would integrate these new displays into phones. Samsung’s Chinese rivals have already used pop-up and sliders to deliver notch-less bezel-free smartphones to market.

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