Samsung fast charging

Samsung is near to complete its faster and better-charging technology

Evan Blass recently tweet about that Samsung Electronics is nearly finishing its latest graphene battery technology which will be much faster and provide a better battery life to the mobile phones. Samsung reportedly plans to launch its technology in at least one of its mobile handsets released by the end of 2021. There has been lots of advancement in the area of display and screen size. Even the processing speed, camera applications, and exterior design of the smartphones were in the highlights but the charging technology was kind of ignored. Graphene batteries could change that.

The new battery offers a few significant changes over the current lithium-ion technology-based charging, including faster charge time. “Samsung is hoping to have at least one handset either next year or in 2021, I’m told, which will feature a graphene battery instead. Capable of a full charge in under a half-hour, they still need to raise capacities while lowering costs,” tweets @evleaks. Devices with graphene batteries will be able to charge more quickly than current lithium-ion batteries. Some other possible advantages with graphene batteries include higher capacities, less weight, and lowered costs.

Using graphene in charging technology isn’t a new idea. Smart device manufacturers have been working on this for a quite few years to bring graphene products to the consumer electronics industry. Panasonic has already developed a small flexible graphene battery, Korean researches revealed their potential transparent graphene memory, and Samsung Electronics has also been developing graphene technology to create flexible displays. Yet, no one has been able to have a finished graphene battery product that is ready to sell to the consumers. If Samsung achieved this milestone, it could drastically change the mobile phone landscape, making Samsung the Pioneer in battery technology as well.

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