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Samsung is targeting a particular age group for Galaxy F

Samsung came up with the marketing strategy for its much hype Samsung Galaxy Foldable. It is assumed that this would be the most expensive smart phone ever and would not be affordable for everyone. The speculated price range is around $1600 to $1850 which is way more for middle class people.

Samsung Galaxy F is expected to be limited model with only 1 million units in volume just like a limited edition. The initial volume of the Galaxy S series is 10 million units. It is somewhere between mass production and limited production. Samsung is trying to achieve a milestone of innovation and creativity with Galaxy F.

According to sources, Samsung decided to launch a marketing campaign for Galaxy F that probably start somewhere in the middle of March, 2019. The campaign will target men in the age group of 40+. As per studies, the men in this age group of the most of the money in their life and feel comfortable to spend more. Samsung partners have already started to manufacture parts for Galaxy F and the initial volume as reported is 1 million unit. It is larger than the usual sample production.

Samsung has invested more than 3 years of research and development to integrate the most advanced technology with the existing smart phone. Samsung isn’t the first company to create foldable phone but everyone seems to be curious about what Samsung has to offer to tech industry. It would be a new category and there isn’t much competition. The Galaxy F is a smartphone (4.58 inches) fold and tablet (7.3 inches) when it unfolds.

The bigger screen is a plus feature of this phone. A lot can be done of such a huge screen than checking e-mail or browsing internet pages. The Galaxy F has basic functions such a phone, message and notification with the front display. At one time, user can play multiple games like if you are playing game on the left side, the game information will be displayed on the right screen and the movie below.

As the screen is gigantic and has three displays the battery consumption is more than usual. Cutting edge technology is used to run the hardware itself and it is estimated that it is going to be an expensive model. If memory is increased to optimize the multitasking, it would an extra figure in the price. This has limited the number of people who can actually afford Galaxy F.

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