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Samsung may use ultra-thin glass instead of plastic for Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung released its foldable device earlier this year, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a success. The second release, however, is doing great and lots of people have already purchased it. Still, there isn’t any news of display breakage or any other problem being reported. But still, the display is quite fragile, and according to the company, can take up to 200,000 folding acts. Even a delayed launch and lots of years of research and efforts can’t completely resolve this issue.

Although, there are some latest rumors about the possible solution for this fragile display issue. It appears that Samsung may fix some part of the issue in its next device, the Galaxy Fold 2. The reputable Samsung Ice Universe, tweet about the Fold 2 display. As per the tweet, Samsung will replace an ultra- glass cover with a plastic layer on the top of the display. Another report from ETNews also suggests the same thing. It said that Samsung would abandon the transparent solution used in Galaxy Fold display in the favor of a flexible ultra-thin glass for its successors.

Using a glass layer instead of a plastic layer will eliminate, or at least reduce, the crease on the top of the display at the center, where it folds. It doesn’t necessarily improve its durability. Industry insiders quoted in the report that this shift will make these mobile devices even more fragile and costly to mass-produce. Samsung is rumored to release the Galaxy Fold 2 alongside the Galaxy S11 in February next year. Numerous reports and leaked images suggest that Samsung’s next smartphone may feature a vertically-folding design, similar to the recently-announced Moto Razr. It is also expected to be significantly cheaper than the current Galaxy Fold. You can read our coverage of the Fold 2 to know more about the Korean company’s upcoming smartphone.

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