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Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is planning for Galaxy Roll after Galaxy fold was postponed

We didn’t expect what happened to Samsung Galaxy fold just a few days before it’s launched but that didn’t stop Samsung from going forward and thinking beyond what’s possible in the technology at this moment. Galaxy Fold has been postponed for an undecided amount and so far, we don’t see any clear deadlines for the […]

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Galalxy M30

Samsung has started to roll out Android Pie for Galaxy M30

Samsung announced that Android N will be available to the Galaxy M trio in the early weeks of June but some have reported that they have received the update for the Galaxy M30. The M305FDDU1BSEA update comes in at 1.14 GB and brings Samsung’s One UI interface alongside the May 2019 security patch to the […]

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Samsung introduced Wireless accessories in India

Samsung on yesterday announced the launch of two new exciting devices – the power bank and charging Duo Pad, and both of these are wireless. These two devices are designed to expand their wireless portfolio, and are Qi certified. It allow users to wirelessly charge their Samsung smartphones and other devices that are Qi certified. […]

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Samsung rolled out the security patch for May 2019

Samsung has confirmed the details for the latest security patch for the compatible devices. These monthly security patches are light-weight but they do fixes any discovered security vulnerability found in Android and Samsung’s own software. According to the latest report, Google has already put out its Android Security Bulletin for this month which says that […]

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Samsung is working on its own cryptocurrency

According to CoinDesk Korea, the big company like Samsung has shown interest in investing in digital currency. It is reported that the Korean giant has starting working on building the framework for its very one blockchain network. The blockchain will be locked down when it first launches, but would be open for public soon afterwards, […]

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galaxy A70

Samsung Galaxy A series is on its way to make $4 billion in revenue

Samsung is ready to rule again – this time in the budget category of smartphones as well. Samsung was known for its innovative, stunning, yet expensive smartphones but now it has made new marketing and sales move by introducing Galaxy A series. This move seems to be the right one. While the Galaxy A phones […]

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Everything that happened at the Samsung Galaxy Event

Samsung sent out a global invitation for its Galaxy Event 2019 being held on April 10th. The event is now over but it offered way more than it was expected. Samsung revealed Galaxy A devices designed for the era of live. The reveal took place in Bangkok, Milan, and Sao Paulo. The main event was […]

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5G chip

Samsung is working on its own 5G chipset

Qualcomm has been the leader in the chipset industry especially when it comes to 5G chips. Samsung has been a big client of Qualcomm but this is going to change now. Samsung decided to work on their own 5G chips production. Samsung has already developed Exynos Mode 5100, which is the industry’s first 5G modem […]

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galaxy tab A 8

Samsung launches the budget 2019 Galaxy Tab with S-Pen

The landscape of tablets and smartphones have been changing immensely. Tablet industry is facing a sales drop especially after the recent emergence of smartphones with gigantic display people are less attracted to tablets. For android tablets, the situation is even worse as compared to iPads but that didn’t stop Samsung from releasing new tablet Galaxy […]

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galaxy A70

Galaxy A70 has high-end features at the mid-range price tag

Samsung Electronics has decided to bring some of its best premium features to mid-range smartphone to attract consumers who are moving towards other brands. In the last year, Samsung had to face a disappointing sales record due to increasing competition due to Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo etc. To compete in the budget friendly […]

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Samsung’s Bixby can understand German, Italian and Spanish

Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby had support for three languages so far – American English, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese. Now, Bixby has added three more languages – British English, German, Italian and Spanish. Samsung has told earlier that it is working on upgrading Bixby for the better and now in an unpacked event it announced a […]

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samsung chip

Samsung launches fastest flash chip

Samsung Electronics has started mass production of the world’s first 512GB smartphone chip with embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) 3.0 specifications. Despite of its launch, Samsung decided to use the older chip for Galaxy S10. Samsung could use this new chip into the Galaxy Fold and other upcoming premium smartphones from the company. This would […]

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galaxy s10 event

Galaxy S10 launch event Live stream: How to watch?

Samsung is all set to unveil the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10 E and 5G version in San Francisco. Today, Samsung is going to announce a handful of new products and if the leaks and rumors, we have seen so far, are correct, there is plenty to expect from this platform today. Nothing has been […]

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Samsung is working on Next-Gen Gear VR Headset with a curved display

Yesterday the U.S patent office published a patent application of Samsung which was about a new design for a head mounted display – probably a Gear VR headset. This could be next-generation of Gear VR headset that would remove some of the negative aspects of current design and might add some new features users are […]

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Samsung introduces ultra-slim 20MP Image sensor for Full screen display

Samsung announced the launch of its new 20MP ISOCELL image sensor today. The image sensor is 0.8mirco meter-pixel ISOCELL slim 3T2 and brings high resolution images with the smallest form factor in the industry at 1/3.4 inches. The sensor is created to fill the market need for a slim image sensor as the smart phone […]

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Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus Exynos version just got benchmarked

Samsung has officially announced date for the unveil event of Galaxy S10 on February 20. Not long ago we witnessed a benchmark for the snapdragon 855 version of the Galaxy S10 Plus. The Snapdragon version likely to be released in the U.S market alone whereas the Snapdragon version is expected to reach to the rest […]

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Samsung detailed the January 2019 security patch

For technology enthusiasts, New Year comes with new updates. Google just release the first security update for 2019. It fixes few vulnerabilities. The android security bulletin list the details of security vulnerabilities affecting android devices. Vulnerabilities are grouped under the component they offer. The most sever vulnerability in this section had to ability to enable […]

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5G network

Samsung started production of 5G network equipment

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Young visited the field recently. The occasion was to celebrate the start of production at a 5G network equipment factory. The Korean tech giant is putting more focus on 5G network enabled equipment business this year, which involves manufacturing of the components being used in 5G networks. These components are […]

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android Pie update

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 getting another Android Pie beta update

Samsung rolled out another new android Pie beta update for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the fourth update to be precise. The update is rolling out in Asia, Germany and South Korea. It has a small change log and the update is minor one. It would be also available in other parts of the world where […]

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5 reasons Samsung failed to impress its fan base in 2018

Year 2018 has come to its end. While this year we see some innovative and technological advanced solutions from Samsung, the company also experience some bumps along the road. Its smartphone sales dropped to some extent, despite of so much hype and branding standing behind. Samsung Electronics did improvised in some areas but still its […]

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adaptable storage

Samsung removed Adoptable storage option from Android Pie stable version

This year, we also witness a new update for Android operating system. The update was in two phases. Initially it was rolled out as a beta program on first come first serve basis and recently Samsung initiated the stable version of Android 9 Pie for Europe, UAE and rest of the world. The official update […]

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Sound on Display

Samsung is bringing the new Sound on Display technology for bezel free design

Smart phone manufacturing companies have tried few things to accommodate the front facing camera – from notches to sliders to punch holes. People have different likes regarding these options but still there are few options available for users but when it comes to earpiece speakers, we have even fewer options. Samsung’s Chinese rivals Xiaomi and […]

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Samsung is planning some surprise items at CES 2019

Samsung announced eight projects today that it plans to show off in just a few weeks away at CES 2019 being held in Las Vegas. These projects are developed via Samsung’s creative lab program. Most of these projects used Artificial Intelligence at the core of their development. Samsung C-Lab had debut in 2016. This time, […]

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beyond X

Galaxy S10 Beyond X – 5G enabled smartphone

Samsung is planning to launch its first 5G smart phone in early 2019, even before the launch of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. The company will be unveiling next generation devices during the trade event. The device is named as ‘Beyond X’ which will be the company’s premium flagship smart phone. The less expensive and […]

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Galaxy note 9

Year 2018 for Samsung smartphones – Significant moments of the year

As this year is about to end, we look at some of the best and worst moments of the year for Samsung. The year has been quite weird for the company. While the company managed to release some highly innovative and advanced smart phones like Galaxy Note 9 with features like remote control pen. Companies […]

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night mode

Samsung may bring its own version of night mode

The camera is the biggest selling point of smartphones these days. Almost everyone wants a mobile phone that can take great pictures not only in day light but also when light is not so favorable for photography. This trend has made developers to push the limits and bring out the best technologies for photo shots […]

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DJ Koh from Samsung admits its units being “in crisis”

Samsung’s mobile division head DJ Koh wrote an internal message to its colleagues which says the unit is in crisis. He cite that the upcoming Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Foldable as potential opportunities to recover from the recent fall. Its Chinese rivals Huawei and Xiamoi successfully dent the sales reports for year 2018. The sales […]

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samsung app

Samsung new crypto wallet app supports import of digital assets

Samsung Electronics is reportedly building an app for crypto currencies that could come with a cold wallet to save private or public key of digital currency. The Bitcoin app would be preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone next year. The reported app would let users view all their account information, transaction history as […]

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crypto wallets

Samsung initiate 3 patent request for blockchain trademarks

Samsung may join HTC and SiriLabs as blockchain smartphones soon. Earlier this week, Samsung submitted 3 European trademark requests for blockchain based smart phones features. The 3 trademarks are “Blockchan KeyStore”, “Blockchain keybox” and “blockchain core”. These name clearly explains the intended purpose behind these trademarks. It seem like Samsung is investing in blockchain technologies […]

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Samsung social media team made a huge blunder

2018 has been very exciting year for Samsung. The company came up with some really innovative smartphones industry has ever seen like Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, A8s with infinity-O display. Like with every company sales reports were mixed from all over the world. In Vietnam Samsung experienced slight less sale whereas in India sale […]

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