Samsung reveals its foldable smartphone screen resolution

Samsung finally revealed its foldable smartphone’s display to everyone attending its developer conference in San Francisco. Mobile apps developers usually need an access to information such as screen resolution at the early stages of designing for mobile devices and that’s what exactly Samsung has provided at a hands-on session at SDC. This was a successful attempt to get all developers on-board before launching its foldable smartphone to public.

Samsung foldable smart phone when open will have 7.3 inch display to offer a tablet like view. The 7.3 inch display will have resolution of 1536×2152 pixels and 420 ppi pixel density. When folded in half, the smartphone will end up having 4.6 inch display. The 4.6 inch outer display will have a 29:9 aspect ratio with resolution of 840×1960 pixels and of the same density. Apps on the folded screen will expand to occupy the 7.3 inch main display when the device is unfolded.

Despite of showing such details, Samsung didn’t reveal the entire specification sheet. The company didn’t say anything about the launch date of Samsung foldable yet. There is a chance that this might slight change when the phone came in the market. The device was obscured in a black box which pretty much hide the design of the phone. Samsung said that it will start producing the Infinity Flex foldable display in couple of months. This means, we are not going to have foldable in 2018.

Samsung’s mobile division head DJ Koh predict that company will initially produce one million units of the device. This will only to test the market and initial response of users. At this point we are not sure, how people would react to this device. The foldable smartphone deliver unique experience and this uniqueness can make it or break it.  Despite of all the hype and marketing, the pricing factor is going to play a major role. If its’ too expensive, it may face difficulty to reach a wider audience like Galaxy Note 9. So far, we can only hope for the best and wait till it release in next year.

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