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Samsung used a stock photo to pose as a Galaxy A8 sample shot

Samsung has announced the release date for Galaxy A8 on December 10 which would be this year’s last smart phone by Samsung. No doubt, it has great design and far superior hardware and software features. This smart phone will be the first Samsung’s first mobile to get Infinity-O display. Samsung has confirmed the launch and its display design specs.  This news was released on the company’s official Weibo page and it has placed it ahead of its Chinese rival Huawei which has already confirmed the released of its Nova 4 with similar display specs.

The Galaxy A8’s landing page for Malaysia has all the necessary information about the hardware specification and other features along with the plenty of sample images taken by various cameras. However, as you see these images, there is one picture which is causing a stir in the news.

To showcase what Galaxy A8’s camera is capable of, Samsung bought a stock photo from a website. The bigger problem is that this picture is taken with DSLR and not with Galaxy A8. Samsung posed the picture as it was taken by the Galaxy A8. When the photographer discover that her work was used as Galaxy A8’s camera photography sample via a reverse Google image search, she posted original picture on her blog.

The photo was edited to remove the original picture’s background to showcase the blurry effect that this Galaxy A8’s camera is capable of. A picture which was taken by DSLR and heavily photoshopped is misleading and provide incorrect information to potential customers. Smartphone cameras are good but still they can’t compete DSLR in lot of ways.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the first time, a tech company used stock images to promote their products and claim to own those images. Sadly, Huawei has already done similar thing in past. I hope companies try to be little honest in future and not to mislead its loyal customers.

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