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Samsung will be re-launching Galaxy Fold in September

Samsung Galaxy Fold has become a mystery in the mobile industry. The company worked for at least 5 years on foldable screen technology but despite all hard work and technology, the Fold had to face failure and in only two days, the device started to break. Samsung postponed the launch of the device and took back the smartphones it gave for testing. Samsung and three mobile operators are discussing a September 6 as a possible launch date in South Korea. This is an unofficial date so far.

This is no coincidence that the same day IFA trade show is happening in Berlin and the outlet says Samsung will likely to use them even to re-launch its model. Yonhap, the Korean news agency reports that the initial shipment for South Korea numbers between 20,000 and 30,000 units, and that it will be available for 2.3 million won (~$1902). The foldable phone is then expected to launch in the U.S. and China later in September. The potential launch comes just over a month after Samsung confirmed a September launch window.

The company also gave a few fixes it made to the Galaxy Fold, such as adding the protective layer in the design. Earlier, the film was placed on the top of the screen which was taken off and in the result, the screen broke. Due to technology, the phone is pretty expensive. At the first launch, the users were really excited to buy the first foldable phone but now we don’t know if someone is interested in buying a phone that couldn’t work more than 2 days earlier. Huawei’s rival foldable, the $2,600 Mate X, was originally due to arrive in September as well, but the company reportedly said we’re unlikely to see it before November.

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