samsung galaxy A series 2020

Samsung may reveal Galaxy A 2020 before this year ends

Galaxy A series has been quite popular this year with mobile consumers and Samsung is ready to take advantage of the success of A series in the upcoming year as well. The company has file trademark for not 1 or 2 but 9 new Galaxy A-series smartphones. The A-series specifically targets budget-conscious users while competing with its Chinese rivals at the same time. The trademarks are requested on October 16 and include the following brand names: Samsung A12, A22, A32, A42, A52, A62, A72, A82, A92.

According to the leaks and rumors, the company may change some branding of the upcoming devices. The Galaxy A10’s successor will be called the Galaxy A11, and so on right up to the Galaxy A91. Samsung hasn’t confirmed as yet when it’s going to unveil the series. However, a video has been uploaded by Samsung Vietnam recently which mentions that the series will be revealed by December 12. As the video is being uploaded at the official YouTube channel of the Samsung Vietnam, we can trust the news. 

Rumors suggest that Samsung is likely to go heavy on the cameras with the series. All devices in the A-series will have at least a triple camera system at the rear side.  The setups will range from a 13MP to 108MP primary camera coupled with an 8MP to 16MP wide and 10MP to 12MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. Some models will also feature a 5MP depth sensor and a ToF sensor. There is also a news about Galaxy A51 to have a 5MP macro camera. Other rumors suggest that some devices may have a punch-hole display just like Galaxy Note 10. Samsung is more likely to use advanced camera features and software enhancements for the upcoming devices to compete with the evolving mobile industry.

The video also gives a hint of a new device with a centered punch-hole display and camera stack at the backside. However, there is a strong chance Samsung will distribute the unveil process of all devices throughout the year. We have to wait to see if there is more to be excited about the A-series and which phone is unveiled by Samsung this month.

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