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Samsung Galaxy A90

Samsung’s new Galaxy A90 is going to make 5G affordable for everyone

Samsung announced a surprising detail about its upcoming mid-range smartphone Galaxy A90. According to Samsung, the Galaxy A90 will have support for 5G. After the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Galaxy Note 10 5G, it looks like Samsung next smartphone is ready to have 5G, which would make the company’s first 5G smartphone in […]

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galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 has a triple camera at insane $350

Samsung announced three midrange smartphones: Galaxy A10E, A20, and A50. If you are looking for something affordable, these are the cheapest entry-level smartphones just above the Galaxy J line. The A series is slightly more expensive than the Galaxy J series. The A-series is much cheaper than the upper series. The Galaxy S10 Pus cost […]

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5G network

Samsung started production of 5G network equipment

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Young visited the field recently. The occasion was to celebrate the start of production at a 5G network equipment factory. The Korean tech giant is putting more focus on 5G network enabled equipment business this year, which involves manufacturing of the components being used in 5G networks. These components are […]

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Galaxy A8s

Samsung Galaxy A8s is going to have Infinity-O display

This year was pretty busy for Samsung but it hasn’t slow down it even a little bit. Samsung seem to be all set to rock in next year as well. We already know about much hyped and anticipated foldable smart phone Samsung Galaxy F and Galaxy S10. Now there are rumors about another Samsung smartphone […]

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Samsung BlackFriday

You can’t miss Samsung in-sane Black Friday Offers

Black Friday is here and things can’t get any better than this. Samsung is giving up to $400 discount on its amazing flag ship smart phones. If you want a better phone it’s the best time to buy it and you don’t even to worry even if you are on limited budget. These un-believable discounts […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be available in snowy white color

It is November, and everyone seems to enjoy the snowy weather. Which could be more appropriate month to release Galaxy Note 9 in snowy white color than November itself. May be the developers at Samsung wanted design to relate with something like weather or Christmas. Who knows? All we know that color leak seem exciting […]

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Samsung Android Pie beta is now live in Germany

Samsung announced the date for released Android Pie beta and it went live according to the schedule. Germany was also included in the list of countries approved for beta release but it didn’t get the beta program on Nov 15. The amazing Samsung’s customer service agents didn’t know what was going on which added further […]

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one ui

How to join the One UI Beta Program before its official release

Last week Samsung announced a new UI interface called One UI. The latest interface will replace the old Samsung Experience UI with some crazy design ideas. The Samsung One UI will be available to all supported devices along with the Android 9 Pie update. According to Samsung, the One UI is made to focus. It […]

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First look of Samsung Galaxy Home

In August 2018, Samsung surprised everyone with its new invention Samsung Galaxy Home. No one was really expecting a smart speaker from Samsung because the event was meant to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Although it did catch some attention due to its interesting look, we are still not sure about its full capabilities. […]

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One UI

Android 9 Interface called One UI is official now

Samsung’s latest Android operating system Pie interface is called One UI. The beta version for One UI will begins in November and will be available for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 in January 2019. Yesterday, at Samsung Developer Conference 2018, one of the biggest announcement was Samsung’s new interface for Android Pie. The Samsung […]

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Samsung is overhauling its premium smartphones for next year

Samsung is in last stage of finalizing specification details for its premium line of smart phones for next year. It’s preparing to launch its first 5G capable flagship phone with other two variants, one of these would be entry level budget smart phone and much hyped foldable phone to challenge Apple. To stay ahead in […]

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ga;axy s10

Samsung Galaxy S10 have received certifications in China

Galaxy S10 is next flagship smartphone by Samsung to be launched in first quarter of 219. Despite still there is lots of time left before the official date announcement, leaks are already surfing in the market regarding expected features and specifications. It is suggested Galaxy S10 will be launched in three variants. The smart phone […]

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android P

You may not get immediate Android Pie update

Whenever iOS update is available, it rolls on all devices at the same time but Android updates are little different than rest of operating system updates. Google devices will get the updates in the first phase and rest of the devices from other manufacturers can take weeks or months to receive an update. Most third […]

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Android Pie Update for Samsung Galaxy

So far, Samsung hasn’t confirmed any official dates for the Android 9.0 update schedule for its devices but Samsung France has detailed some of the changes, the updated might bring to Samsung Galaxy. The post also suggests the update may not roll out before January 2019. It’s slightly disappointing for Samsung users as many manufacturers […]

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