Taking screenshots is really easy with One UI now

Have you ever take the screenshot of your mobile phone screen? We all do. It is really useful feature for intensive mobile phone users especially if they love to browse website and do some kind of research/shopping or anything like that on their mobile phones. So far, we have been taking screen shots of our smart phone screens by pressing and holding down the volume and power buttons. For me, it’s a kind of routine.

With new user interface One UI this has changed little bit. Now you don’t have to hold and press the buttons. You can just press and leave both buttons together to take a screenshot. It has also improved the screenshot animation more pleasing as well but this is part of overall new visually attractive animation.

There are plenty of such small changes in the Google’s new operating system Android Pie. On Pie, you have a small button in the navigation bar that lets you switch between portrait and landscape screen orientation. You don’t have to tap on the auto rotate toggle in the notification bar anymore. Traditionally in order to rotate the screen to landscape you have to keep the auto-rotate toggle option enabled in the quick toggles enabled. On Pie, that’s no longer mandatory. Every time you tilt the smartphone sideways, a small button will pop up at the right side of the navigation bar. You can tap this button to switch to landscape orientation. The button will show up once again so you can switch back to portrait.

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