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The good and bad things about the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung finally released the galaxy fold after a delay of 154 days for the screen and design problems earlier discovered at the first released this year. Samsung did some fixes over the weaknesses that could cause the design to fail. These fixes are a crucial one to prevent the foldable screen to break. The changes seek to keep out the dust particles from setting on the inner side of the fold’s screen and hiding around the corners of a protective layer.

This time, Samsung has clearly given instructions about how to use this phone and how not to. Like applying excessive pressure to the 7.3-inch screen can break it. The other phones getting into the foldable devices are having a similar design that opens a device into a tablet. The 7.3-inch is its main highlight. The large display allows you to access the phone when you open the phone from its folded position. Samsung expects you to do most of the work in tablet mode. The screen is using the plastic which is more fragile than the glass. Typing at such a large phone isn’t easy though but it is great to have a big screen.

The fold isn’t a light phone. It weighs around 9.28 ounces compared to the iPhone 11’s 6.84 ounces. It is not very comfortable to read or watch movies on this device due to its obvious heavyweight. Another great plus point is the ability to do the multi-task on the device. You can around 3 apps at a time displaying all at a time. You can keep using the Google doc for taking notes, use twitter for tweeting, and responding to slack messages. Taking the photos on this device isn’t so much private thing. Even if you are trying for a selfie, the 7.3-inch screen is enough for people to notice you which you may feel weird if done in public.

Thankfully, the notch is off to the edge, so it won’t swallow up the action of a video or cut off a website, because the app’s border stops before you get to the notch. But when the screen is lit up, it does stick out like a sore thumb — it’s almost that large.

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