Samsung Galaxy X (2018) Foldable Smartphone Arrives before Galaxy S9

Published on June 25, 2018 by

Truly Flagship Samsung Galaxy X (2018) Foldable Smartphone Arrives before Galaxy S9 . So, we will review and unbox the rumours and leaks of Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Display smartphone for 2018 which is not direct competition for new Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Note 9 release date 2018 is expected to be a crazy year for the smartphone tech with a lot of form factor experiments from the leading brands. Samsung will launch Galaxy X fordable smartphone in 2018. Started of as an experimental project code named as Project Valley or ( Galaxy X1 and X1+ ) Samsung was successful in making it into a real product which they call the Galaxy X. Samsung has already shown some prototype version of Galaxy x in the CES events, but entry was only limited to selected guest and thus hiding it from the main stream media. According to some trust worthy sources the Samsung Galaxy X would be a 5 inch phone that could fold out into an 7 inch tablet just like a wallet. As suggested by the leaks we have also integrated a 5 inch AMOLED display which we believe could be having a QHD resolution while the tablet display will be a 7 inch 4K flexible display. We expect the design to be ultra thin , on this concept we have made it to 3.25mm when unfolded to tablet mode while 7.5 mm in the folded mode which is very manageable thickness for a smartphone. We also believe the Galaxy X will be having similar protection such as Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and will be compatible with IP68 water and dust proof ratings. Of course, on screen fingerprint scanner included. We expect to see high end specs on the Galaxy X and it will also be the first smartphone to feature screen integrated fingerprint scanner from Samsung. It will be powered by Snapdragon 835 chipset cupled with 6/8GB RAM. The camera department will feature 12MP primary camera while the front camera is expected to 8MP which will be accompanied by a retina scanner. Two separate 3200mAh batteries are also expected, which means a total of 6400mAh of power that can be delivered for long-term autonomy. Samsung Galaxy X release date has not yet been officially confirmed! Also, the Samsung Galaxy X price should be lower than the Samsung Galaxy S9 price, which is really, really, a joyous news, and we look forward to more news and announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy X in 2018.

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