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What we know about the Samsung Galaxy S11 so far

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and despite some of their flaws, they look absolutely amazing. Meanwhile the price of the Galaxy S10 is dropping really fast making it more affordable to purchase. The details of Galaxy S11 are already surfacing and given what we already know you might think again to buy this brand. The reputable news leaker IceUniverse has claimed that the Galaxy S11 has transitioned into the research and development stage, and as we are starting to get a clear indication of what users expect from a phone.

Samsung and many other companies use codenames for phones under development. The Galaxy S11 has been named after a famous painter – Picasso who revolutionized the uses of colors.  Samsung isn’t taking the camera into much consideration even when other phone companies like Apple, Huawei are focusing way more than Samsung on mobile photography. Apple recently launched the new iPhone with a slow-motion selfie camera ability but Samsung is still using the same old 12MP sensor that was introduced way back in the history at the time of Galaxy S7 in 2016. But we expect that Samsung also think about getting a better camera this time and we expect new colors too.

The Galaxy Note 10 plus has already the best screen-to-body ratio but we know that the Galaxy S11 will push it even further. Samsung is working on improving the processing speed of the next flagship smartphones. Samsung has already confirmed a new memory module which will improve the processing of apps and allows for multiple app execution at the same time. By the time Galaxy S11 is launched, the 5G is definitely not an option anymore. Samsung is also working on the fast charging to deliver a full charge in just 30 minutes or so. They are targeting 2020 for the fast charging and hopefully, Galaxy S11 could make the cut.

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