Samsung Night Mode

You can now have the Play store in dark theme

Night mode has been in the trend recently. It saves battery life and is easy on easy, especially good for those who stare at the screen a lot. You can have night mode for the various apps like Duo, PlayBooks, and Gmail. Google has already rolled out the night mode to the users worldwide but while some of the apps rely on the software update, the Google Play store rely on the OS to tell them to switch to night mode. The feature is only limited to users using Android 10. The latest OS has come with a native system-wide dark mode. So if you are not using Android 10, you may not have this option.

Samsung’s own version of night mode within One UI appears to work perfectly for the newly-designed Google Play store with automated dark mode. Samsung launched One UI interface with Android 9 Pie last year. Since then, it has gone through a few updates. The recently launched flagship phones such as Galaxy S10 and Note 10 has One UI out of the box. While One UI 2.0 is round the corner and built over Android 10, users won’t have to wait for the update to get the dark mod on more apps.

If you enable the night mode in One UI and it doesn’t change the Google Play store’s theme, you will just have until Google flips the switch from the server-side. The black model is a server-side update and may take some time for everyone to happen. After the last big shift in user interface design left many users blinded by the light, developers have taken comments to heart and many have updated their apps with dark themes, which are also known as “night mode” in some cases.

To enable dark mode on Samsung Galaxy phones with OneUI and Android 9 Pie.

  • Open your phone’s Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Display.
  • Look for Night mode and tap on the toggle to turn on Night mode right away.
  • To configure Night mode, tap on the entry itself rather than the toggle.
  • You can set Night Mode to come on automatically on a custom schedule, or let it come on from sunset to sunrise.

For easier access to Night mode, you can also add a quick toggle in the notification shade.

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